Church Viewing Commercial

Instructions For Free Viewing of "Time Collectors Return of the Giants"

Note: Time Collectors Return of the Giants is a copyrighted material. Following the instructions below is your license to play the movie in a public setting. As a friendly reminder, if the instructions bellow are not followed, you do not have permission to play this movie in a public setting.

  1. Have the appropriate person (pastor, elder, etc) screen the movie for acceptable content to be viewed by your church. (Note: If the movie is not accepted by those reviewing it, please send the dvd back immediately with the reason/s for why it was not accepted.)
  2. Schedule a date for the viewing within 30 days of receiving the movie. (note: movie is 1h 48m long)
  3. Advertise: Print off any posters or bulletin inserts from Do any radio and/or word of mouth advertising as well.
  4. Show up early to make sure everything is in order before people start showing up (i.e. sound system, dvd player, projector...)
  5. Refreshments: If you plan on having refreshments, make sure that it is all setup and ready to go for people when they show up. Make sure your church accepts the idea of having food and drink in the viewing area or have a specified area for the food and drink.
  6. Open with prayer and then start the movie.
  7. After the credits have played, have those who have been preassigned to take up a "Love Offering" do so at this time.
  8. Convert the "Love Offering" into a single check and send it along the with the dvd to the return address within 5 business days. Minus 10% to be used by the church for holding the event, if desired.
  9. If people ask where they can purchase this movie, let them know they can go to and order the dvd for $20.00